At Massive Infinity, creating intelligent, functional and aesthetically-pleasing applications is something we pride ourselves in. Backed with years of experience, our savvy team of developers have worked on a wide range of revolutionising projects such as engaging learning management systems, enhancing marketing campaigns with gamification or augmented reality and digitalising business processes with our robust enterprise systems.


Abdul Ammar Rusydi

iOS Developer

Barry Loh

Technical Lead

Ahmad Faiz

Front End Developer

Lau Khai Shien

Senior Full Stack Developer

Nicole Leong

Assistant Technical Lead

Winnie Choo

Web Developer

Jack Lim

React Developer

Adrian Tay

React Native Developer

Chin Li Yin

Junior Front End Developer


Quality Assurance Engineer

Tew Joe Vee

Project Executive

Teh Tiong Joon

Web Developer

Chia Ding Zhou

Web Developer

Muhammad Faris Bin Nazri

UI/UX Designer

James Ong

Junior Backend Developer

Syed Ahmad Fadhil Bin Syed Hassan

Junior React Native Developer

Chin Qi Yao

Developer Intern

Kaartiik A/L Vijayan

React Native Trainee Developer

Dixon Cheong

React Native Trainee Developer

Amanda Lee

React Native Trainee Developer

Khu Kuang Han

React Native Developer