Operations Executive (Full Time)

Job Description
This role is expected to manage, analyze and continue to improve the KL team’s
operational aspects like workflow, processes, manpower and procurement. Basically,
ensure the team runs smoothly. Would prefer someone with a background in Media.
Will report to the HR & Operations Managers in HQ (Singapore).

Primary Duties:
● Work with Directors, HR and Operations Managers to identify gaps in manpower
requirements and fulfill them to ensure a healthy capacity for business
● Analyses and measures the effectiveness of current operational processes within
the KL team to identify opportunities for standardization and improvement.
● Assist in developing, executing and monitoring sustainable, repeatable and
quantifiable business process improvement initiatives.
● Cross-collaborates with technical and non-technical departments to drive
innovation in processes and tools.
● Maintains an overview of all KL projects and KL manpower flow on our Traffic
channel on Slack.
● Communicates with employees to ensure that all contractual obligations are met.
● Procures project-related assets, equipment (hardware, software, etc) and
services necessary for project/product development, and keeps track of its

Support HR and Operations Manager in:
● Managing welfare and operations budget
● Planning welfare activities
● Reviews and performance management Onboarding Offboarding
● Maintain external relationship with schools and vendors

Secondary Duties:
● Carry out all relevant tasks directed by HQ.

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