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Junior Animation Director (Full Time)

Big 3 Media is a creative video production house based in Singapore that specialises in creative storytelling. Since 2008, we have ventured beyond the beaten paths to craft uniquely artful stories. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, target audience, and the characters of our story, to see the world through a myriad of perspectives.

Big 3 Media has grown exponentially over the years. Not only do we have a sizeable team of committed and talented individuals and an ever-expanding clientele, but we have also extended our area of expertise, in the forms of new products and services, with the acquisition of new technology and partnership with our sister organisations.

Holding true to our Big 3 core values of being Creative, Empathetic and Better, we never stop seeking improvement, experience, and knowledge in the creative process, constantly pushing ourselves to so that you will see the bigger picture.


Junior Motion Graphics Director/Junior Animation Director

Are you a versatile creative individual who is passionate about Motion Graphics?

As a Junior Motion Graphics/Animation Director, your role is to lead and own all the aspects of the Animation pipeline, ensuring that we use the best techniques and practices available, while meeting project requirements.

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