Animator (Full Time)


The Role

CraveFX is a fully fledged animation, motion graphics and visual effects studio in Singapore.
We have been around since 2013 and our team has been growing since then!
We like pushing creativity and technology to the limits and we believe in self learning and
R&D to better our skillsets and efficiency. Besides just working on client projects, we always
find time to do studio projects as well.
We are a large team of 50 close-knitted artists who are the very best in our discipline. Think
you might be a good fit for our team?
We are looking for a talented 3D animator who is able to create compelling character
animation and bring our creative ideas to life.


• Create, develop, and execute 3D character and objects animation from initial
development, animatic to final animation
• Animate objects in believable and appealing ways
• Work in a variety of animation styles (cartoony, realistic, etc.)
• Work in an organized manner respecting established workflows
• Communicate effectively and work with project leads, riggers, creative directors, and
producers on a given project


• Ideally 2+ years professional experience working as an animator but we are open to
fresh graduates as well
• Solid grasp of the principles of animation and the mechanics of movement
• In-depth knowledge of Autodesk Maya’s animation toolset and workflow
• Ability and willingness to learn new techniques and plugins


• Compositional skills – the ability to scout a CG scene and find the best way to stage a
• Maya generalist skills (modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting)
• Knowledge of Adobe After Effects
• Knowledge of C4D
• Drawing skills (in particular, thumb nailing, storyboarding, and even cel animation),
while not required or necessary to perform the job, are always helpful for planning
and communication

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